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December 30, 2022 0 By vape

You can get the most comprehensive e-cigarette information on vapesourcing. And it is worth mentioning that the New Year’s Day event in 2023 has already started, and the discount will definitely satisfy you. If you haven’t bought a vaping device you’re completely satisfied with this year, this is your best chance. You can buy some new products or challenge the type that you have never tried before, maybe you will find e-cigs kits that really suit you.

Many of the best disposable vapes 2022 will also participate in this year-end sale. For example, Puff Daddy is a very low-key e-cigarette brand, so many people have not heard of its existence. What attracts me most about Puff Daddy is its simple and unobtrusive design. When the various disposables on the market are increasingly occupying the public’s attention, such pure-color products that focus more on taste and function stand out. .

Puff Daddy 6000 has been charged in advance during the production stage, and filled with 14ml of vape liquid with 5% nicotine content in advance, so you can use it directly when you open the package. The only thing you need to manually adjust is to plug it into the charger to charge after the battery dies, but don’t worry, this process will not take you long. At the same time, Puff Daddy Disposable is a compact columnar design, which is not only convenient and durable, but also provides you with the best taste and the most comfortable use experience.

Puff Daddy Disposable Vape sale

Puffs: 6000 Max
Battery: 600mAh
Vape Juice Capacity: 14ml
Nicotine Stregth: 50mg
Coil: 0.8ohm
Charging Port: Type-C

5% Nicotine Strength
Large Prefilled Capacity
Maximum Flavoring
Integrated Rechargeable Battery
Integrated 0.8ohm Mesh Coils

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