Born To Be Wonderful: R and M Tornado 7800

February 2, 2023 0 By vape

This is a disposable pod system with a great sense of atmosphere. Each product has a different style. When the whole series of products appear together, there is another magical sense of atmosphere. There are many collectors around me, and many of them have collected all the flavors of R and M Tornado 7800, because this product does have a high collection value and will not become obsolete.

With a good reputation comparable to Elf Bar BC5000, R and M Tornado has a large following among vapers, and many review bloggers and influencers have bought this device, so you can see Tornado 7800 on many platforms figure. In fact, R and M is indeed worthy of such enthusiasm and praise, from design to performance are impeccable. As a disposable cigarette, R and M obviously presents more content.

R and M Tornado 7800 Vape is half printed, half transparent design, which makes the whole device look very clear. With various colors, it is more attractive. If an electronic cigarette can make you feel a great enjoyment when using it, then it must be a great device. There is no doubt that Tornado 7800 is such an existence. If you are also interested in this excellent diposable vape, then you should definitely try it.

R and M Tornado 7800 Disposable Vape near me

Dimensions: 27mm27mm106.5mm
Battery: 850mAh
Puff: Max 7800 Puffs
E-Juice Capacity: 15ml
Nicotine Strength: 50mg
Flavors: 12

6 Colors RGB Light
7800 Puffs Per Device
Integrated 850mAh Battery
15ML of Vape Liquid
5% Nicotine Salt
Air Flow Control
Integrated 850mAh Battery
12 Flavors Available

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