Can E-cigarettes be Mixed with Cigarettes?

April 18, 2022 0 By vape

Can Eleafworld.FR e-cigarettes be mixed with cigarettes? Many friends who use electronic cigarettes will also use cigarettes, which is not successful for those who want to quit smoking, and it does not even achieve the effect of reducing the harm of smoking, and research shows that using electronic cigarettes and cigarettes at the same time is more harmful, so it is recommended that everyone Don’t mix up.
Therefore, many smokers who want to quit smoking but can’t quit smoking cigarettes use Eleaf Online Electronic Cigarettes at the same time, that is, cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. They feel that they smoke less cigarettes than before. There is no doubt that this is a comfort Behavior.

Can e-cigarettes be mixed with cigarettes?

Studies have shown that cigarette and e-cigarette smokers are nearly twice as likely to experience respiratory symptoms as pure e-cigarette users, and a little more than 1.2 times as likely as pure tobacco smokers.
Also, according to the recent study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, those who use e-cigarettes are not at significantly higher risk of developing new respiratory symptoms than those who use e-cigarettes. People who do not vape or smoke.
“This study helps determine how best to use Eleaf iSolo Air to reduce the harm caused by smoking,” said the study’s senior author, Dr. Nancy Rigotti, director of the Center for Tobacco Research and Treatment. E-cigarettes did not increase the risk of new respiratory symptoms, whereas simultaneous use of both products (e-cigarettes and cigarettes) did. “

In conclusion, do not mix e-cigarettes with cigarettes, as this is more harmful. For the sake of everyone’s health, it is best to only use e-cigarettes to replace cigarettes, so as to maximize the harm reduction effect. Of course, if it can be completely Quitting smoking is the best.

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