Can E-cigarettes be Used While Charging?

Can e-cigarettes of Eleafworld.FR be used while charging? Some users find that their electronic cigarettes are out of power, but want to smoke again, so can they be used while charging, and I will give you the answer today.

Can e-cigarettes be used while charging?

The iJust AIO can be used while charging, but it is not recommended to use it when charging. This is the same as charging a mobile phone. It is charged while discharging, and only the battery is lost. Over time, the battery will become less and less durable, affecting the battery life.

The use of electronic cigarettes during charging may also cause serious heat generation. If the heat dissipation is not good, the risk may be very high when the temperature is high. Because charging will release heat, the electronic cigarette will also release heat when it is working. The superposition of these two heats will cause irreversible damage to the life of the battery.

The real irreversible damage to the battery is actually high temperature, high pressure and overcurrent. And the feedback of these points in life is usually relatively hot. If you find that your electronic cigarette is abnormal, it is very hot, whether it is for safety or battery life protection, I recommend you Cool down as soon as possible.

For example, stop using, for example, stop charging immediately.

Can vaping e-cigarettes be used while charging? To sum up, we do not recommend that you use electronic cigarettes while charging, which is an irreversible damage to electronic cigarettes, and may cause serious fever and pose a safety hazard.

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E-Cigarettes: What’s the Difference Between Small Cigarettes and Big Cigarettes?

The development of electronic cigarettes of Eleafworld.FR has undergone many updates and iterations. At present, it has gradually evolved into a market development pattern of small cigarettes, large cigarettes, and heat not burn. Users still use the big smoke. After all, they are used to the big smoke and can DIY by themselves, but this is only a small number of users, and most of them still use the small smoke.

What is the difference between small cigarettes and big cigarettes of e-cigarettes online store?

In fact, it is a difference between power and nicotine content. For large smoke, the output wattage of the battery compartment is generally more than 15 watts, and the ohmic value of the atomizer is below 1.0. A modality of vaping with nicotine levels below 3 mg.

The small cigarette mainly uses nicotine salt e-juice, the battery compartment is below 15 watts, and the atomizer is above 1.0 ohm. Small cigarettes are lightweight, compact, diverse in taste, beautiful in appearance, strong in portability, less smoke, and lighter in smoke, but at the same time, they can meet the needs of ordinary smokers for traditional smoke to hit the throat, and at the same time, it can also relieve smoking addiction. effect. Therefore, from the perspective of its own advantages, small cigarettes have more advantages than big cigarettes.

Pico Compaq are still recommended for everyone to use small cigarettes. Due to the high power of large cigarettes, there is a high temperature problem. The atomization at high temperature produces much more aldehydes than small cigarettes, which is beyond the safe range, so long-term use is not recommended. .

Judging from the feedback from the current e-cigarette market, the vape market is relatively small and is basically supported by e-cigarette players and enthusiasts; in the future, the development of vape may be more inclined to collection and fashion games, with a small audience. The small cigarette is more convenient and quicker and more suitable for daily use.

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Can E-cigarettes Put Pure Glycerin?

E-cigarette from Eleafworld.FR pure glycerin will have smoke, but there is no taste, no throat hit, and no nicotine addiction. Glycerin is one of the two basic solutions that make up smoke liquid, and it is also the main source of smoke. The higher the glycerin content, the greater the smoke produced by the e-liquid of e-cigs online.

Due to its high viscosity and poor fluidity, glycerin cannot be used alone in some atomizers, and the oil supply speed cannot keep up, which is easy to dry out the atomizer.

Glycerin, also known as glycerol, is colorless, odorless, sweet in taste, and has a clear and viscous liquid appearance. It is an organic substance. It can absorb moisture from the air, as well as hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen cyanide and sulfur dioxide. Insoluble in benzene, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride, carbon disulfide, petroleum ether and oils.

Food-grade glycerin is a sweetener and humectant commonly used in the food processing industry, mostly found in sports foods and milk replacers. Food-grade glycerin can be used as food additives, and it is qualified in terms of purity, color, and heavy metal content, and has the corresponding batch of inspection and quarantine health certificates. Food-grade glycerin must be certified by the China Food Sanitation Inspection Bureau, and be found to meet the Food Safety Standard Food Additives Edible Standard (GB2760 standard).

To sum up, although glycerin can achieve the feeling of making iStick S80 emit smoke, it does not have any throat hit and no nicotine, so it may not feel very good when smoking, you need to add a little propylene glycol, inject nicotine, etc. .

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Will E-liquid Freeze at Low Temperature?

The temperature in some areas is relatively low, such as subzero temperature, which is not friendly to some liquid things, and may be frozen, so will the low temperature of electronic cigarette oil from Eleafworld.FR freeze? Otherwise, you will not be able to smoke your own electronic cigarette, which is a very distressing thing.

Will the low temperature of electronic cigarette oil freeze?

Since the melting point of VG (propylene glycol) in the e-liquid itself is -60°C, that is to say, even if the weather is cold, there is no need to worry about the e-liquid freezing in the smoke. However, some e-cigarettes like iStick T80 MELO 4 with fingerprint unlocking need to be considered. The weather is too cold, there will be less sensitive reactions.
In this case, you rub your hand between the two, your hand’s temperature rises, and your finger’s temperature is ok. In a low temperature environment, the battery drains faster. This requires us to fully charge it before using it.
One suggestion: maintain the battery, try to use up the battery before charging it, and then charge it when it is fully charged, do not turn off the current in the middle, take out the battery within half an hour after it is fully charged, and turn off the power of the electronic cigarette when it is not used for a long time.

How long can the e-liquid be kept after opening?

The e-liquid of e-cig kit component is a relatively stable molecular component that can be stored for a long time. Although the shelf life is usually stated as one to two years, it can actually last for more than 3 years.
There are three possible changes to e-liquid storage:

  1. Discoloration. It may appear colorless to light red, light brown, etc., generally 1 to 2 months, the discoloration tends to be stable. If the color of the e-juice still changes significantly after six months of storage, it may be spoiled.
  2. Change the taste. Storing e-juice will cause alcoholization reaction, just like wine, it is normal for the taste to change slightly.
  3. Deterioration. The shelf life of e-liquid is a conservative word. The fact that the mature e-liquid formula has not deteriorated in extreme experiments. Usually the deterioration is caused by the wrong formula and unreasonable ratio of e-liquid.
    The most accurate way to tell if you can smoke it is to smoke it and see if there is a big change in flavor.

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The Correct Way to Charge the Electronic Cigarette

At present, most Eleafworld.FR electronic cigarette consumers use refillable electronic cigarettes. The charging interface of this type of electronic cigarette is basically the same as the charging interface of Android mobile phones. Like Android mobile phones, medium and high-end electronic cigarettes are basically Type-C. The interface, the entry-level version may be a USB interface; of course, there are also some entry-level vaping electronic cigarettes that still use the Type-C interface.

Since the charging interface of the Android phone is the same, can we use the charging connector of the mobile phone to charge the electronic cigarette?

The answer is: No.

We all know that the charging power of Android mobile phones is basically 30 to 50 watts, and the charging power of some high-end or flagship models is as high as 70 to 80 watts, or even over 100 watts. Such charging power is far beyond the charging power that the electronic cigarette can withstand. The charging power of the Pico Squeeze 2 basically does not exceed 10W. If we use the charging connector of the mobile phone to charge the electronic cigarette, it is very likely to burn out the protection circuit in the electronic cigarette. , it may even explode in severe cases.

Therefore, the correct way to charge the refillable electronic cigarette is to charge through the power bank or the USB interface on the computer or notebook, so the charging may be slower, but it is safe.

Of course, in addition to the above-mentioned replaceable electronic cigarettes with built-in lithium batteries, there are also some electronic cigarettes that use 16850 or 20700 or 21700 batteries. The output power of such electronic cigarettes using external batteries will be greater, even as high as 300W. For this type of electronic cigarette, we can also use the above charging method; of course, if you want to charge more, you need to buy a corresponding charger.

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Why Do E-cigarettes Suddenly Fail to Charge?

I believe that many users don’t know why the electronic cigarette of Eleafworld.FR can’t be charged suddenly. They don’t know what to do for a while, and it is difficult to find the answer on the Internet. It is really a headache, so today we bring you some The answer, I hope to answer your doubts.

Why do electronic cigarettes suddenly fail to charge? possible reason:

  1. The charger data cable is broken and the contact is poor;
  2. The pole is broken

The solution is very simple, change a charger to see if the pole is broken or the problem of the charger. If the pole is broken, please contact the after-sales service directly, or find a new one from the seller who sold it to you.

After the electronic cigarette is fully charged, the breathing light will turn off by itself. You can unplug it when you see it is off. It is usually best to smoke IORE PRIME when the battery power is above 30%. Modern electronic devices are basically best used in this way, such as ipads, mobile phones, and bluetooth speakers. The batteries of these devices are designed to be recharged as you use them, rather than waiting to be fully charged. Frequently such a small charge will give your battery longer life than a full charge each time.

Under normal usage, the battery will last all day. After the battery is exhausted, the first charge should be guaranteed for 6 hours, and the recharge time is generally 3 to 4 hours.

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Precautions for Bringing Disposable E-cigarettes on the Plane

  1. It is best to empty the atomizer, otherwise the aircraft will leak oil due to pressure difference during take-off and landing. Even if it cannot be emptied, it must be placed upside down.
  2. When the box goes through the security check, it is best to go through the security check separately like the power bank, etc. When asked what it is, the answer is the electronic cigarette battery of Eleafworld.FR.
  3. E-liquid can be carried with you or checked, but each bottle should not exceed 100ml.

Finally, don’t kill yourself after entering security. You can bring it in, but don’t bring it into the security check and assemble it to smoke, you will definitely be caught.

Can disposable Eleaf Vape be brought on the plane? It can be seen from the above that it is no problem to pass the security check with e-liquids and small electronic cigarettes that do not exceed 100ml, but it is only limited to taking vape mod on the plane, not smoking.

Lithium batteries with energy not exceeding 100wh can be carried around;

Lithium batteries with energy exceeding 100wh but not exceeding 16wh must be approved by the airline, and cannot exceed two;

Lithium batteries with energy exceeding 160wh can be carried or mailed.

Therefore, we must check the battery capacity of the vape e-cigarette we bring with us before boarding the plane. But if you encounter a special event security check, you may not be allowed to bring a bottle of e-liquid. Someone mentioned it on Google, but Glass Pen Pod can definitely be carried.

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Can E-cigarettes be Mixed with Cigarettes?

Can Eleafworld.FR e-cigarettes be mixed with cigarettes? Many friends who use electronic cigarettes will also use cigarettes, which is not successful for those who want to quit smoking, and it does not even achieve the effect of reducing the harm of smoking, and research shows that using electronic cigarettes and cigarettes at the same time is more harmful, so it is recommended that everyone Don’t mix up.
Therefore, many smokers who want to quit smoking but can’t quit smoking cigarettes use Eleaf Online Electronic Cigarettes at the same time, that is, cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. They feel that they smoke less cigarettes than before. There is no doubt that this is a comfort Behavior.

Can e-cigarettes be mixed with cigarettes?

Studies have shown that cigarette and e-cigarette smokers are nearly twice as likely to experience respiratory symptoms as pure e-cigarette users, and a little more than 1.2 times as likely as pure tobacco smokers.
Also, according to the recent study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, those who use e-cigarettes are not at significantly higher risk of developing new respiratory symptoms than those who use e-cigarettes. People who do not vape or smoke.
“This study helps determine how best to use Eleaf iSolo Air to reduce the harm caused by smoking,” said the study’s senior author, Dr. Nancy Rigotti, director of the Center for Tobacco Research and Treatment. E-cigarettes did not increase the risk of new respiratory symptoms, whereas simultaneous use of both products (e-cigarettes and cigarettes) did. “

In conclusion, do not mix e-cigarettes with cigarettes, as this is more harmful. For the sake of everyone’s health, it is best to only use e-cigarettes to replace cigarettes, so as to maximize the harm reduction effect. Of course, if it can be completely Quitting smoking is the best.

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Why are E-cigarettes so Fragrant?

Anyone who has smoked electronic cigarettes of Eleafworld.FR knows that its taste is still very strong, and it is a variety of fruit flavors. It is indeed much better than cigarettes, but I still wonder why electronic cigarettes are so fragrant. To start with its ingredients, I will tell you about it today.

Why are e-cigarettes so fragrant?

The smoke exhaled by the electronic cigarette is fragrant. The various flavors of watermelon, orange, cola, pineapple, and mint make you feel like you are in the fragrant scene. This is mainly because there are flavors and fragrances in it, and spices are added for flavoring, so it must be very fragrant.
This is also one of the reasons for the popularity of electronic cigarettes. Due to the volatilization of aroma components contained in aroma raw materials or essences, people’s olfactory function can perceive aroma, mainly due to space diffusion, gas impact, breathing, contact and other reasons. Caused.
Young people also prefer flavored e-cigarettes, with flavor being the second-leading reason why teens try Eleaf Best E-cigarettes Online Store, with more than 75% of teens and young adults not going to use e-cigarettes if they weren’t flavored.
Studies have long shown that sweet tastes trigger hedonic responses by activating the dopamine feedback system. In the food industry, large companies have previously calculated the “happiness point,” or the optimal amount of sugar in a food product, to make customers buy more products.

What flavors are added to e-cigarettes?

Spice is a kind of natural aromatic substance extracted from the petals and fruits of various plants with plants or animals as raw materials. These aroma-containing ingredients are extracted through a complex process, and then purified to obtain a modulated aroma. The most important raw material – plant essential oils.
The fragrance and solvent are then mixed. Essential oils are highly concentrated mother liquors with high aroma content, which need to be formulated with specific types of solvents to give them different levels of aroma and texture. The good combination of essence and solvent can make the fragrance reveal or be subtle, or unrestrained, or cover up and be shy, so that the fragrance presents a kaleidoscopic posture.
Professional perfumers blend various spices to create a richer aroma. When designing a fragrance, the top, middle and bottom notes of the target fragrance are considered, and essential oils from different sources are mixed to create an endless combination of aromas.
In addition to tobacco flavor, mint and other raw materials from plant leaves, electronic cigarette flavors are mostly fruit-flavored, and the fruit-flavored ingredients are more familiar to consumers and better meet consumers’ tastes. After a certain fragrance type is roughly determined, after careful screening and necessary consumer testing, a flavor that can impress people the most is selected, and a product is born in this way.

To sum up, the reason why Eleaf iStick Amnis 2 are so fragrant is because of the addition of flavors and fragrances, so that a variety of flavors can be made. Of course, these flavors and fragrances are edible grades, which are very common in many foods, but does not rule out the use of inferior flavors in small workshops.

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Do Air Purifiers Work on E-cigarette Smoke?

The smoke of Eleafworld.FR electronic cigarettes is relatively large, so if you smoke it indoors, it will have a great smell, and it will not affect the people around you. Some friends wonder if they can use an air purifier to purify the smoke. It’s good, but everyone has to think of a problem. The smoke is emitted immediately, and the air purifier needs time to purify the smoke.

Do air purifiers work for e-cigarettes?

Air purifiers on the market today can remove smog, second-hand smoke, bacteria, pollen, benzene and other harmful substances. Second-hand smoke is basically small particles. The air purifier absorbs and filters the inhaled air through the filter element, and then outputs clean air. Some air purifiers may use a combination of several filter elements to purify the air. Repeatedly, it can achieve purification. Purpose.
Air purifiers are still effective in purifying second-hand smoke from Eleaf electronic cigarettes. Of course, the reason why the air purifier can purify the effect is mainly distributed in the filter screen. If the material of the filter screen is well selected, the purification effect will be great. .
The HEPA high-efficiency filter in the air purifier can filter and intercept small particulate pollutants such as PM2.5 contained in second-hand smoke, and the activated carbon at the rear can absorb harmful gases such as TVOC in second-hand smoke. The principle is as simple as that.
The preferred air purifier is effective, but it can cure the symptoms but not the root cause. It is recommended to smoke less and not smoke, and smoke outside to cut off second-hand smoke pollution from the source.

The principle of air purifier:
The motor and fan of the air purifier circulate the indoor air, the polluted air is removed or adsorbed through the filter screen, the air is continuously ionized, and a large number of negative ions are generated, which are loosened by the micro fan to remove the negative ion airflow, so as to achieve the effect of cleaning and purification.

Types of Air Purifiers:
First, the principle of inertial collision adsorption is used to change the flow direction of the flowing air, so that the pollutant particles in the air flow with the air, and then filter and adsorb.
The second is to use diffusion absorption, which is absorbed by Brownian motion, particles in the air, and electrostatic factors, and is directly absorbed by fibers in the combination of gas diffusion adsorption factors and particles.
Third, it is a direct adsorption method. When the particles are larger than the filter medium, they are adsorbed and intercepted. The smaller the filter medium pore size, the higher the adsorption efficiency and the better the particle removal rate.

The above is about the effect of air purifiers on Eleaf iStick T80. It can be seen that air purifiers still have a purifying effect on second-hand smoke, but it is not recommended for everyone to smoke electronic cigarettes indoors at home. After all, family members can inhale your smoke. And air purifiers can’t purify smoke immediately.

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