Delicate Taste: VTV Warble Disposable 11ml

January 16, 2023 0 By vape

This is a disposable vaping kit with less than 5000 puffs. Perhaps when most people buy an electronic cigarette, especially a disposable, they will put the number of puffs at the top of their list of considerations. But in fact, if you have a certain number of years of vape experience, you will find that small sips also have their advantages. For example, the price is cheaper, for example, you can replace the device more frequently, for example, you don’t need to charge the device frequently, for example, you can enjoy more flavors without too much burden.

The disposable vape I want to introduce is called VTV Warble. From the appearance point of view, it is very cool and catches your eyes. The designs for almost every taste are very bold, and you won’t have too much difficulty in choosing, because you can buy them all for collection. The rectangular flat design is easy to hold in the hand, and the top is a transparent cover, you only need to open the cover to inhale directly. Compared with other e-cigs without covers, VTV Warble will be safer and healthier.

Despite its bold style and shape, the VTV Warble 4500 puffs is very functional. Although there are only 4500 puffs, considering that some vapers use a long cycle, the built-in 500mAh battery is still rechargeable, and it can be easily and quickly charged only through Type-C. There are no complicated buttons and operations on the whole device, you only need to suck directly with your mouth to activate it. Such a special design with a variety of delicious flavors, just enjoy VTV Warble Vape!

VTV Warble Disposable Vape Kit online

Dimensions: 80.9mm41.0mm21.5 mm
Puffs: Max 4500
Battery: 500mAh
Vape Juice Capacity: 11ml
Nicotine Strength: 5%
Coil: 1.0ohm
Charging Port: Type-C
Output Power: 9-12.3 W
Material: Plastic

50mg Nicotine Strength
11ml Pre-Filled E-liquid
Type-C USB Fast Charging
1.0ohm Mesh Coil
Support MTL And DTL Vaping
500mAh Internal Battery

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