Does SMOK SOLUS 2 Kit Brighten Your Eyes?

July 6, 2022 0 By vape

Best SMOK SOLUS 2 Kit is an upgraded version of SOLUS. In appearance, the kit still adopts a compact size for the convenience of the customer to use and carry without causing any sense of burden. What is there to explore underneath the refined and sleek exterior?


In the first place, you can see a small LED light on the fuselage which is to tells you the battery level and will flash when you charge and inhale. SMOK SOLUS 2 Pod Kit is a simple and fast electronic cigarette, you only need to vape to turn it on, SOLUS Kit features no cumbersome operation steps.

To ensure a consistent experience, SMOK SOLUS 2 is paired with a 700mAh internal battery and a maximum power of 17W. From the moment you inhale to the moment you stop, SOLUS 2 Pod System Kit will continue to provide you with consistent heat for the most enjoyable vaping experience.

The cheap SMOK SOLUS 2 can be paired with both the 2.5ml SOLUS 2 Pod and the 3ml SMOK SOLUS Pod, which are somewhat different in capacity. You can re-pair them according to your preference. The bottoms are attached by magnets, please for pulling out and fitting. The rubber plug on the side can be refilled by removing it.

And very adaptable to e-liquid containing nicotine salts. The pre-filled 0.9ohm mesh coil allows full evaporation of the vape juice to get the most delicious flavor. SOLUS 2 brings you both loose MTL vaping and RDL vaping. That’s a vaping journey full of surprises.

A user-friendly Kit should be suitable for all vapers, whether they are new or experienced. I think the SMOK SOLUS 2 Vape Kit does this.

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