Precautions for Bringing Disposable E-cigarettes on the Plane

April 26, 2022 0 By vape
  1. It is best to empty the atomizer, otherwise the aircraft will leak oil due to pressure difference during take-off and landing. Even if it cannot be emptied, it must be placed upside down.
  2. When the box goes through the security check, it is best to go through the security check separately like the power bank, etc. When asked what it is, the answer is the electronic cigarette battery of Eleafworld.FR.
  3. E-liquid can be carried with you or checked, but each bottle should not exceed 100ml.

Finally, don’t kill yourself after entering security. You can bring it in, but don’t bring it into the security check and assemble it to smoke, you will definitely be caught.

Can disposable Eleaf Vape be brought on the plane? It can be seen from the above that it is no problem to pass the security check with e-liquids and small electronic cigarettes that do not exceed 100ml, but it is only limited to taking vape mod on the plane, not smoking.

Lithium batteries with energy not exceeding 100wh can be carried around;

Lithium batteries with energy exceeding 100wh but not exceeding 16wh must be approved by the airline, and cannot exceed two;

Lithium batteries with energy exceeding 160wh can be carried or mailed.

Therefore, we must check the battery capacity of the vape e-cigarette we bring with us before boarding the plane. But if you encounter a special event security check, you may not be allowed to bring a bottle of e-liquid. Someone mentioned it on Google, but Glass Pen Pod can definitely be carried.

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