UK: Healthcare Workers Should Advise Smokers to Transition to E-cigarettes

May 16, 2022 0 By vape

Recently, the UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and the Department of Public Health England released a draft tobacco control guidance plan, suggesting that medical staff should encourage smokers to transition to Eleafworld.FR e-cigarettes through active guidance and other methods. At present, the draft has launched a two-month public consultation.

The UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) is a non-government public health department under the UK Department of Health. .

NICE says there is sufficient evidence that e-cigarettes can help smokers quit smoking and are as effective as other nicotine replacement therapies. If smokers want to, then they should be allowed to use Eleaf Kit as a means of quitting smoking.

The draft guidance plan states that health care workers should provide clear and up-to-date information to smokers, such as informing smokers who come to consult where to find information on the harm reduction of e-cigarettes, how to use e-cigarettes correctly, and make them aware of Once you start using e-cigarettes, you should quit smoking completely.

“This draft is our latest effort in tobacco control,” said Paul Crisp, head of the draft. “Smoking is taking a huge toll on national health. We will use all available methods to help British people reduce smoking. rates, including education, behavioural support, financial incentives, and e-cigarettes – if smokers are interested in it.”

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that e-cigarettes have been included in the medical care work guidance provided by NICE. As early as 2018, NICE recommended that health care workers recommend the use of e-cigarettes to smokers.

In its 2018 recommendations, NICE pointed out that health care workers should explain to smokers the following issues: Although e-cigarettes promotion do not have a medical license, they are also regulated by the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations and are safe to use; many people have Successfully quit smoking through e-cigarettes; there is solid evidence that e-cigarettes can greatly reduce health hazards.

Smoking is becoming one of the UK’s biggest public health problems. According to the UK government, around 78,000 people die from cigarettes every year, and many more suffer from related diseases.

In order to reduce the smoking rate and improve national health, the United Kingdom has set the goal of becoming a “smoke-free country” by 2030, and electronic cigarettes have become one of the important tools to achieve this goal. Many well-known British politicians have frequently called on people to establish a correct understanding of Eleaf Mini iStick 2.

David Jones, a Conservative MP and honorary life director of the British Association for Cancer Research, once proposed that breaking the prejudice against e-cigarettes and letting people know about e-cigarettes in a timely manner and buy them will be one of the focuses of tobacco control work.

“There is no doubt that the biggest problem with traditional cigarettes is the harmful substances in tobacco. Any policy aimed at helping the seven million smokers in the UK to quit smoking should include support for the promotion of harm reduction products, supported by the available evidence. Continue to raise public awareness of Awareness of these products is at the core. E-cigarettes and other harm-reducing alternatives can save lives, and we should make this information available to every smoker in the UK,” said David Jones.

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