E-Cigarettes: What’s the Difference Between Small Cigarettes and Big Cigarettes?

June 2, 2022 0 By vape

The development of electronic cigarettes of Eleafworld.FR has undergone many updates and iterations. At present, it has gradually evolved into a market development pattern of small cigarettes, large cigarettes, and heat not burn. Users still use the big smoke. After all, they are used to the big smoke and can DIY by themselves, but this is only a small number of users, and most of them still use the small smoke.

What is the difference between small cigarettes and big cigarettes of e-cigarettes online store?

In fact, it is a difference between power and nicotine content. For large smoke, the output wattage of the battery compartment is generally more than 15 watts, and the ohmic value of the atomizer is below 1.0. A modality of vaping with nicotine levels below 3 mg.

The small cigarette mainly uses nicotine salt e-juice, the battery compartment is below 15 watts, and the atomizer is above 1.0 ohm. Small cigarettes are lightweight, compact, diverse in taste, beautiful in appearance, strong in portability, less smoke, and lighter in smoke, but at the same time, they can meet the needs of ordinary smokers for traditional smoke to hit the throat, and at the same time, it can also relieve smoking addiction. effect. Therefore, from the perspective of its own advantages, small cigarettes have more advantages than big cigarettes.

Pico Compaq are still recommended for everyone to use small cigarettes. Due to the high power of large cigarettes, there is a high temperature problem. The atomization at high temperature produces much more aldehydes than small cigarettes, which is beyond the safe range, so long-term use is not recommended. .

Judging from the feedback from the current e-cigarette market, the vape market is relatively small and is basically supported by e-cigarette players and enthusiasts; in the future, the development of vape may be more inclined to collection and fashion games, with a small audience. The small cigarette is more convenient and quicker and more suitable for daily use.

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