Study: E-cigarettes are NOT Associated with Worsening Depression Symptoms after Age 14

March 29, 2022 0 By vape

Recently, the US CDC released the results of the 2021 Youth Tobacco Survey, which showed that 14.2% of students reported severe psychological distress. Among current Eleafworld.FR e-cigarette users, the most commonly cited reason for current e-cigarette use is “I feel anxious, stressed or depressed. ” (accounting for 43.4%).

The link between e-cigarettes and teenage depression has drawn widespread attention in American society many years ago. Previously, a literature on the website sciencedirect conducted research on depression and e-cigarette use in adolescents.

The prospective longitudinal survey study measured depressive symptoms and their use of Eleaf Online E-cigarettes in 1,822 adolescents at four public high schools outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Adolescents completed classroom surveys every 6 months during Wave 1 (Fall 2016, Grade 9) and for the next 36 months (Fall 2019, Grade 12). E-cigarette use, depressive symptoms, and potential covariates were measured in each wave. A latent growth curve model was used to assess the longitudinal relationship between e-cigarette use and depressive symptoms.

The findings showed that baseline depressive symptoms had a significant effect on trends in e-cigarette use (b=0.01, z=4.29, p<0.0001), while keeping other variables constant. A standard deviation increase in depressive symptoms at baseline was associated with a 0.25 standard deviation increase in the rate of vaping progression over the next 36 months. In contrast, the path from baseline Eleaf iStick Rim use to trends in depressive symptoms was not significant (p=0.74).

The study found that worsening depressive symptoms at age 14 was associated with faster escalation of e-cigarettes. However, e-cigarette use was not associated with the development of depressive symptoms over time. It is important to examine whether adolescents with worsening depressive symptoms respond similarly to vaping prevention campaigns as adolescents in general.

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