Medterra Unflavored CBD Pet Tincture


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Medterra Unflavored CBD Pet Tincture is a liquid for your pets. It comes in a bottle with 30ml of oil. This oil has a special ingredient called CBD, which is from a plant and is very pure – it doesn’t have anything called THC that might make pets feel weird.

You can put this oil under your pets’ tongues or sprinkle it on their food. It doesn’t have any strong taste. The oil is made from natural things like coconut and CBD. It doesn’t have any bad stuff like pesticides, and experts have tested it to make sure it’s safe. This oil can help with different problems that pets might have, like feeling anxious or having pain. You can choose how strong the oil is, depending on what your pets need. It’s made in the USA and is good for pets like dogs and cats.

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