Top niche brand disposable vapes 2023

August 9, 2023 0 By vape

The electronic cigarette market in 2023 is very prosperous, competition is fierce, and major brands are accompanied by the trend to launch disposable cigarette new products. In addition to the already well-established leading brands Elf Bar, R and M, and Lost Mary, some niche new brands are also worth watching, if you also like unique niche designs, then read on.

buy Pyro 6000 Puffs

1.Pyro 6000 Puffs

Quick view:

Mini body, huge capacity, this is characteristic of Pyro, it is hard to believe that such a mini body can be built with a 2000mAh battery, even if it is not charged, it can at least last to 6000 puffs.

13ml pre-filled Vape juice, 5% Nic Salt added, rich taste, whether it is mixed fruit flavor or dessert drinks such as Coconut Milk, is very attractive. Just the right touch to the throat, a silky and powerful puff, delivers a satisfying nicotine effect.

Direct draw activation saves a lot of trouble, coupled with no need to charge, the operation is simpler. Cherry Raspberry Strawberry, a blend of three similar fruits, is unique and refreshing, with a rich sweet, and sour flavor that lasts until the last bite.

Breze Stiik King Max near me

2.Breze Stiik King Max Zero Nicotine

Quick view:

Zero nicotine is one of its main features, suitable for smokers who want to quit nicotine, or those who do not like the ingredients of nicotine. This is the trend in 2023, for healthier lifestyle considerations, many brands are doing the zero nicotine e-cigarette experiment.

The second feature is a super large capacity, super many mouths. The 20ml Pre-Filled E-Liquid, with a consumption of up to 10,000 puffs, uses an advanced Sub-ohm Mesh coil and paired with Stiik King Max’s very punch-heavy illustrated look, there is no doubt that it is vape with power. But fresh fruit, and candy taste and bring a certain contrast, let people can not stop.

OGbarz Pattaya Disposable Vape

3.OGbarz Pattaya 12000 Puffs

Quick view:

Ice cream-shaped cute vape, up to 20 flavors, really want to try every flavor. Don’t let her cute mini look fool you, it lasts a full 12,000 puffs and boasts 18ml of Vape Juice, plus 5% Nic Salt for endless taste.

Open-the-box draw can be used, the convenience of disposable cigarettes is obvious, and there are no unnecessary complex intelligent buttons. Don’t underestimate OGbarz this brand, with a stylish and lively design, rich taste, and the right price, it is definitely the most potential 2023 dark horse.

All in all, these three disposable vapes are filtered through strict big data such as customer satisfaction, sales, brand influence, etc. You may never have paid attention to them before, but I believe they will become outstanding in the near future.