Do Air Purifiers Work on E-cigarette Smoke?

April 9, 2022 0 By vape

The smoke of Eleafworld.FR electronic cigarettes is relatively large, so if you smoke it indoors, it will have a great smell, and it will not affect the people around you. Some friends wonder if they can use an air purifier to purify the smoke. It’s good, but everyone has to think of a problem. The smoke is emitted immediately, and the air purifier needs time to purify the smoke.

Do air purifiers work for e-cigarettes?

Air purifiers on the market today can remove smog, second-hand smoke, bacteria, pollen, benzene and other harmful substances. Second-hand smoke is basically small particles. The air purifier absorbs and filters the inhaled air through the filter element, and then outputs clean air. Some air purifiers may use a combination of several filter elements to purify the air. Repeatedly, it can achieve purification. Purpose.
Air purifiers are still effective in purifying second-hand smoke from Eleaf electronic cigarettes. Of course, the reason why the air purifier can purify the effect is mainly distributed in the filter screen. If the material of the filter screen is well selected, the purification effect will be great. .
The HEPA high-efficiency filter in the air purifier can filter and intercept small particulate pollutants such as PM2.5 contained in second-hand smoke, and the activated carbon at the rear can absorb harmful gases such as TVOC in second-hand smoke. The principle is as simple as that.
The preferred air purifier is effective, but it can cure the symptoms but not the root cause. It is recommended to smoke less and not smoke, and smoke outside to cut off second-hand smoke pollution from the source.

The principle of air purifier:
The motor and fan of the air purifier circulate the indoor air, the polluted air is removed or adsorbed through the filter screen, the air is continuously ionized, and a large number of negative ions are generated, which are loosened by the micro fan to remove the negative ion airflow, so as to achieve the effect of cleaning and purification.

Types of Air Purifiers:
First, the principle of inertial collision adsorption is used to change the flow direction of the flowing air, so that the pollutant particles in the air flow with the air, and then filter and adsorb.
The second is to use diffusion absorption, which is absorbed by Brownian motion, particles in the air, and electrostatic factors, and is directly absorbed by fibers in the combination of gas diffusion adsorption factors and particles.
Third, it is a direct adsorption method. When the particles are larger than the filter medium, they are adsorbed and intercepted. The smaller the filter medium pore size, the higher the adsorption efficiency and the better the particle removal rate.

The above is about the effect of air purifiers on Eleaf iStick T80. It can be seen that air purifiers still have a purifying effect on second-hand smoke, but it is not recommended for everyone to smoke electronic cigarettes indoors at home. After all, family members can inhale your smoke. And air purifiers can’t purify smoke immediately.

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