Why are E-cigarettes so Fragrant?

April 13, 2022 0 By vape

Anyone who has smoked electronic cigarettes of Eleafworld.FR knows that its taste is still very strong, and it is a variety of fruit flavors. It is indeed much better than cigarettes, but I still wonder why electronic cigarettes are so fragrant. To start with its ingredients, I will tell you about it today.

Why are e-cigarettes so fragrant?

The smoke exhaled by the electronic cigarette is fragrant. The various flavors of watermelon, orange, cola, pineapple, and mint make you feel like you are in the fragrant scene. This is mainly because there are flavors and fragrances in it, and spices are added for flavoring, so it must be very fragrant.
This is also one of the reasons for the popularity of electronic cigarettes. Due to the volatilization of aroma components contained in aroma raw materials or essences, people’s olfactory function can perceive aroma, mainly due to space diffusion, gas impact, breathing, contact and other reasons. Caused.
Young people also prefer flavored e-cigarettes, with flavor being the second-leading reason why teens try Eleaf Best E-cigarettes Online Store, with more than 75% of teens and young adults not going to use e-cigarettes if they weren’t flavored.
Studies have long shown that sweet tastes trigger hedonic responses by activating the dopamine feedback system. In the food industry, large companies have previously calculated the “happiness point,” or the optimal amount of sugar in a food product, to make customers buy more products.

What flavors are added to e-cigarettes?

Spice is a kind of natural aromatic substance extracted from the petals and fruits of various plants with plants or animals as raw materials. These aroma-containing ingredients are extracted through a complex process, and then purified to obtain a modulated aroma. The most important raw material – plant essential oils.
The fragrance and solvent are then mixed. Essential oils are highly concentrated mother liquors with high aroma content, which need to be formulated with specific types of solvents to give them different levels of aroma and texture. The good combination of essence and solvent can make the fragrance reveal or be subtle, or unrestrained, or cover up and be shy, so that the fragrance presents a kaleidoscopic posture.
Professional perfumers blend various spices to create a richer aroma. When designing a fragrance, the top, middle and bottom notes of the target fragrance are considered, and essential oils from different sources are mixed to create an endless combination of aromas.
In addition to tobacco flavor, mint and other raw materials from plant leaves, electronic cigarette flavors are mostly fruit-flavored, and the fruit-flavored ingredients are more familiar to consumers and better meet consumers’ tastes. After a certain fragrance type is roughly determined, after careful screening and necessary consumer testing, a flavor that can impress people the most is selected, and a product is born in this way.

To sum up, the reason why Eleaf iStick Amnis 2 are so fragrant is because of the addition of flavors and fragrances, so that a variety of flavors can be made. Of course, these flavors and fragrances are edible grades, which are very common in many foods, but does not rule out the use of inferior flavors in small workshops.

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