Panama’s National Assembly Votes to Ban Sale and Use of E-cigarettes

March 15, 2022 0 By vape

Blue Hole New Consumer Report, Eleafworld.FR July 10 news, according to foreign reports, the National Assembly of Panama passed a bill to ban the sale and use of electronic cigarette products.

The new law will ban the sale and use of all vaping products with or without nicotine. The ban also applies to heated tobacco products (HTPs) such as IQOS. The bill was initiated by Deputy Chairman of the Assembly Crispiano Adams.

While the law would not prohibit exports to other countries, or the re-shipment of products from Panama to other countries, it would empower national customs authorities to “stop, confiscate, and suspend the sale and commercialization of electronic systems in the country.”

The law will also require businesses to post signs warning against the use of vaping products.

Although Panama already banned e-cigarette sales in 2014 through an executive decree, the new law will go a step further by banning personal use.

Sales are prohibited in many Latin American countries, but personal possession is rarely prohibited. Most Latin American countries that ban vaping have a thriving black market, according to Pro Vapeo Mexico director Roberto Sussman.

The bill was opposed by Asociación por la Reducción de Daños del Tabaquismo de Panamá (ARDT Panamá), a Panamanian group of Eleaf e-cigarettes consumers.

ARDT Panamá said the law would put Panamanian e-cigarettes on the black market, where products with questionable manufacturing standards are common.

The Republic of Panama, with a population of about four million, is a relatively high-income country. It borders Colombia, connecting North and South America, and its famous Panama Canal bisects the narrow country, allowing easy access between the Atlantic and Pacific.

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