UK National Institute of Health Officially Recommends E-cigarettes as a smoking Cessation Tool

March 21, 2022 0 By vape

According to the Blue Hole New Consumer Report Eleafworld.FR, the UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and the UK Department of Public Health released a draft tobacco control guidance plan, suggesting that medical staff should encourage smokers to transition to e-cigarettes through active guidance and other methods. At present, the draft has launched a two-month public consultation.

The UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) is a non-government public health department under the UK Department of Health. .

This means that Eleaf e-cigarettes are recognised and recommended by the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence as a smoking cessation tool.

A press release from the World E-Cigarette Users Association (WVA) welcomed the development. New draft guidance on how to effectively help smokers quit, released today, states that nicotine-containing e-cigarettes can help people quit smoking and are similar to other smoking cessation options. If people want to, they should be able to use e-cigarettes as one of several options to support smoking cessation.

UK success

The UK has been a leader in supporting the use of Eleaf iSOLO-S to reduce tobacco harm, and local smoking rates reflect this.

“Once again, the UK is setting an example for the world in how to effectively and pragmatically help smokers quit. The UK is tracking the evidence and backing tools that work. They support smokers switching to e-cigarettes,” said WVA Director Michael Landl.

Public Health England (PHE), also an agency of the UK Department of Health, has also been recommending a switch from smoking to vaping for years. “Because of this proactive approach, the UK has achieved better results in reducing smoking compared to countries that restrict vaping,” Randall continued. “The UK’s successful public health and Eleaf Vape policies should be emulated by the rest of the world”.

PHE’s latest report on e-cigarettes

In fact, the PHE’s seventh independent report on e-cigarettes in the UK highlights the following points and has already been praised by countless tobacco harm reduction experts.

E-cigarettes were the most popular aid used by smokers trying to quit in England in 2020 (27.2%)

More than 50,000 smokers quit smoking with e-cigarettes in 2017

38% of smokers think e-cigarettes are as harmful as smoking, while 15% think e-cigarettes are more harmful

Randall concluded that by going against current decisions and based on science, Britain is a source of hope for the rest of the world. “The UK is a beacon of hope for sensible public health policy when it comes to fighting smoking. Instead of continuing the fight against vaping, the government and WHO should follow the science and listen to the millions of vapers who have successfully quit. Lucky The thing is, the UK is in the lead.”

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