TOP 3 ELFWORLD Disposable Vape

August 23, 2023 0 By vape

Mention the brand ELFWORLD, you may feel familiar and will associate the brand with delicious, high-tech, good-at-making disposable cigarettes. Today I will introduce three of ELFWORLD’s best disposable cigarettes so far, and I believe you will be tempted to try them.


buy elfworld pe10000

Quick Look:

The square shape is like a small pillow, and it fits perfectly in the hand. But don’t be fooled by its cute appearance, up to 18ml of Pre-Filled Vape Juice, which can last about 10,000 puffs, is a pretty amazing capacity. It solves the problem of using disposable cigarettes too quickly, which is the progress of the program.

Not to worry about the common problem of mouthpieces, which can lose flavor too quickly, the PE10000 is equipped with the latest mesh coil technology to ensure maximum consistency of flavor, from the first bite to the last bite. ICE-related flavor is recommended, which is refreshing and suitable for summer, and is also the hottest flavor on the market now.

Out-of-the-box, Draw-Activated, which is the biggest advantage of disposable vapes, is convenient and can be used whenever and wherever you want.


elfworld mc8500 near me

Quick Look:

Simple and design appearance, abstract marble full of art, of course, its flavor is no less. Like Strawberry Ice, Strawberry Watermelon are in line with the public taste of mixed fruit flavor, refreshing and sweet.

Up to 16ml of Pre-Filled Vape Juice, which can last about 8,500 puffs, can also last more than a week with daily use. Built-in 650mAh Battery rechargeable battery, more secure use.

3.ELFWORLD Reload 6000 Puffs

buy elfworld reload 6000

Quick Look:

The Reload 6000 is unique in that its pod is replaceable, breaking through the design barriers of single-use cigarettes and tobacco devices. You can clearly see how much of the 12ml Pre-Filled Vape Juice is left, and by magnetically linking the pod to the battery pack base, detachable also means do-it-yourself, so if you like something different, the possibilities are endless.

All in all, ELFWORLD products have their own characteristics, you can choose the right vape according to your own preferences, of course, it is also a wise choice to try all of them. The taste, the steam experience, and the product details will not disappoint.